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Samone’s Social Media Policy!

Using the template from the Public Relations Matter’s blog..this is my social media policy!

1. Who are you??

All new followers should introduce themselves! I want to get to know everyone. Tell me where your from, what your hobbies are, what are your favorite shows, favorite musician, and if your a fan of The Office!

2. Follow, add, friend: Lets be friends!

If you request to follow, add, or be friend me more than likely I will follow, add, or be friend you as well. But there are some exceptions I will NOT add anyone who displays any pornographic material or extremely vulgar language.  If I do add you and you display behavior or extreme opinions I do not agree with (atheism, terrorism, or just plain weirdness) I will un-follow, un-add, or un-befriend you and block you!

3. Privacy, boundaries, and safety: TMI!!! TO MUCH INFORMATION!

DO NOT post anything inappropriate that can be considered digital dirt! I am actively trying to start my career so I do not know who may be viewing my profile, twitter, or blog!  I do not want to no anything that you wouldn’t tell your mother! If this happens you will be blocked!

4. Signal to noise: Twitter Overload!

I am not stiffer when it comes to excessive twitter or status updates! I have no problem with RSS feeds or anything of that nature! Feel free to tweet as much as you like!

5. Personal data and sharing: Not looking for LOVE!

I am not interested in anyone online! Especially if you are across the do not waste your time. I am not a fan of online dating! I am here for networking and friendships only!

6. My networking needs and uses: My Profiles!

My Facebook profile use to be for social purposes only, but now it is for both social and networking purposes. On that note..I have to keep a clean profile so no inappropriate picture tags or wall comments. The same thing stands for my Twitter account. I am more laid back on Twitter because I don’t have that many followers and my tweets are protected, but I still try and watch what I tweet! As for MySpace, I really don’t use that profile anymore or add any new friends!

7. My Criteria!

My criteria is very simple. I do not engage in online arguments or feuds! If anyone tries to start and argument they will be immediately block. I do however love to debate and will debate with anyone on almost any topic!


Info Info Info!

This is an alternative assignment to the “attend a campus event” blog sorry this blog post won’t be exciting as the one’s about the campus events! But on the other hand, Georgia Southern’s website has a tremendous amount of information about my major Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources and about my college COBA( College of Business Administration). COBA’s website provides information on all of the degrees they offer for undergraduate, graduate, and the newest addition to college the Ph.D. program!  Even though, I will not be attending GSU for graduate school I may return one day to receive my Ph.D!

COBA’s website also provides information on which department students are classified in depending on their major. I am classified under the Management, Marketing, and and Logistics department. The site also provides information about the curriculum that all College of Business and Administration students have to follow. COBA student’s must make at least a “C” in all major courses or they will not be allowed to graduate. The website also provides suggested four year plans that explains which courses students should take in certain semesters to be able to graduate on time. It also provides specific curriculum requirements for every major.

COBA’s website also provides information to prospective students. It tells students exactly what is required to actually be accepted into the College of Business Administration and which classes they need to take their freshman and sophomore years to be prepared for COBA courses. This information is good for all incoming freshman!

I was a bit disappointed to discover that the website didn’t provide that much information on my major other than the curriculum sheet and a few organizations that are associated with Human Resources. The site did not even provide any other suggested links where I could find more information about my major! But overall COBA’s website was still very informative and I have been an avid user of it through out my college career here at GSU!

Digital Dirt

This topic hit EXTREMELY close to home for me because my mother and plenty of professors have been talking about this subject since I started school! At first I didn’t really care about what I put online. I felt as though, it was my personal Facebook or Myspace page and it was nobody’s business what I put on there. In high school, I felt as though it was simply for social networking and for that reason only, but a lot has changed since 2007. I feel like my Facebook has never been that “dirty.” I do admit that some of the pictures of me at the bar drinking, partying, and kissing my boyfriend were inappropriate. I guess I just figured that since my page was private there is no way a future employer could visit my page.  I recently decided to clean up my “digital dirt” erasing anything that an employer may frown upon since I will be graduating this December. The one thing that actually pushed me to do so was when Mrs. Nixon actually said something to me about it and I guess then it finally sunk in! Since then I have cleaned up all my profiles on all the social networking sites I use, I have even tried to watch what I tweet!

I did find some interesting information about “digital dirt” online. The article that stuck out most to me was one through CNN. This article actually gave five ways to keep your digital footprint clean so that it wont scare away any future employers.

1. Make your content useful

2. Join social networks, both for career purposes and social purposes

3. If you can’t delete it, smother it

4. Avoid joining groups or engaging in online activities that could embarrass or restrict opportunities

5. Beware the cybertwin

Find more information here!

Podcast Podcast Podcast!

I started by listening to a church podcast. I haven’t been to church in a while so I found a podcast from New Birth Missionary Church in Atlanta, Georgia. I found this podcast very encouraging and uplifting.  After listening to that four about twenty minutes. I wanted to listen to some comedy, so I searched for hours to try and find something that I actually thought was funny. I was using the website, but there were so many podcast of all different categories; I found it quit annoying to find one I really liked. I never really found a comedy podcast I actually liked, so I tried searching the Kids and Family Zone.  I ended up listening to a Sesame Street podcast featuring Elizabeth Hassleback teaching kids about camouflage and one featuring Adam Sandler teaching kids about thing that make a “crunch.”  Watching these two podcast brought me back to my childhood days when all I did was watch Sesame Street and Barney. I will wish I could return to those care free days! After listening to those I continued to search for more podcast. I stumbled across what I thought to be a teen sex education course, but it seemed more like inappropriate sex humor. The podcast was called Midwest Teen Sex Show, now thinking about maybe the title was a bit too explicit to be a sex education course! I finally just finished up my last twenty minutes of podcast listening to cast from CNN about various topics in the news.  The headline I found more interesting was featured 11AM on Tuesday June 29th which talked about the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. I personally believe the military should allow anyone who is qualified to enter into the military regardless of their sexual orientation.  The podcast went on to talk about the current Russian spy ring in the America and then on to talk about charter schools in the U.S. I was not able to find any of the show notes from any of the podcast. I searched CNN’s radio site for a while and couldn’t even find the ones from their podcast.

After listening to the various podcast, I’m still not really a big fan of them. I don’t really know why I think I would rather just watch it on television or read it in the newspaper!


The one week of Twitter assignment, I found to be very easy and interesting for me. I already “tweet” numerous times a day and have almost reached my 2000th tweet! Unfortunately, I did get the weeks mixed up on when we were actually supposed to be tweeting for the FYE 1220 class, but throughout the week I still ended up tweeting about random topics.

Mrs. Nixon was actually the first professional follower I had and the first professional I actually followed. I never thought about using Twitter on a professional level, only for random “boredom” tweets or tweeting about how long it was taking the Eagle Express to reach COBA.  Actually, having to think of professional twitter topics was somewhat of a challenge for me. However, I did find a few professional or current event topics to tweet about like the BP Oil Spill and the current CNN or HLN headline.

I personally don’t believe that I would ever use Twitter for professional purposes because honestly I do not think it is that professional. I don’t even agree with employers using Facebook, My Space, or any other social networking site. I believe these sites should be used for “social” purposes only. However, I do agree that student should be mindful of what pictures or status updates they may post to their profile, but I do not believe social sites should be used for social purposes.

But back to the subject, I love twitter and will most definitely continue to use it on a daily basis for social purposes only!

Blog Review

It was really hard finding two blogs that interested me other than things about the oil spill, President Obama, Lady Gaga, or about the Chicago Blackhawks wining the Stanley Cup. The two blogs I did find that interested me was one about Chris Brown and one about NBC’s The Office.

According to UK officials Chris Brown has been barred from entering Great Britain for a recent concert, due to Chris’s past domestic violence charges in 2009 against ex-girlfriend Rhianna. Officials stated that they have the right to deny anyone clearance into the UK because of any serious criminal charges and that each application to enter the UK is determined on individual merit. Brown tweeted “SORRY to all the fans in Europe!!! my tour is canceled. Im pretty sure yall know. my entry was denied in your country. I love you. SORRY!! The tweet was eventually deleted and replaced with an official or appropriate apology to Brown’s fans. I found this interesting because I have never heard of someone famous being barred from a country due to their criminal background. I honestly, do not think that UK made a good choice by not allowing Brown to perform in Great Britian because I’m pretty sure the city gains revenue from ticket sells, venue rentals, parking, etc.

The other blog, I visited was about my favorite TV Show The Office. Apparently blogster, Lary Crews went to downtown New York for shooting of an episode in 2009. Crews reflects on his experience of being an extra in a crowd of over 400 people, many of whom did not even know anything about the show! Jery was also able to meet Oscar Nunez (as Oscar Martinez) and was actually able to be pushed aside by Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, as he rushed to the bathroom every five minutes! It seems that Lary Crews had a really good time over the two day shoot and is still an avid watcher of the show! Anybody who has not seen the office should really give it shot! I’ve seen every episode in all six seasons and can not wait until Season 7 this fall!!

My First Summer in Statesboro!